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"It dramatically improved the feel and appearance of my skin"

Radiant skin starts with a gentle cleanser


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As gentle as water

Beautiful textures and exciting ingredients can feel risky if your skin is sensitive. Yet using the most reliable pharmacy skincare can feel like being on a skincare diet.

Our promise is to give you the best of both worlds: formulas with feel-good textures and beautiful ingredients that are also radically gentle.

We ensure true gentleness by testing finished formulas with an extra sensitive testing technology. Our standard is to achieve the maximum mildness score – the same as pure water.

When your skin is un-stressed, it can work, feel and look better.

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"This is genuinely the best cleanser I’ve ever used to remove make up and sunscreen ( first cleanse)! I’ve gone through many bottles and will never be without it"

Rachel, Harborist customer:

"It feels so luxurious on my skin and has helped me revel in the simple joy of gently washing my face"

V. - Harborist customer

"This is the least irritating cleanser I've ever used on my skin – it feels soothing and as though my skin has a chance to repair itself."

Hannah, Harborist customer

Changed my skin for the better - my skin is far less reactive, much softer, less reddened and I have experienced far fewer breakouts.

Unique formulation

Designed from scratch by an independent chemist with personal experience of highly reactive skin.

Gentle as water

Verified non-irritating using an extra sensitive mildness test.

British made

Manufactured in the English countryside with third party certification of GMP ISO 22716 and ISO 9001 standards, to ensure the highest quality.

The library

Skincare vs. your microbiome

Your skin has 1 billion microorganisms per square centimetre. No two people’s microbiomes are the same, and yours will vary throughout your life, influenced by multiple factors including the environment, age, hormones, and...

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Our Balm-Gel cleanser is 5 years old!

​​​I started with one mission, to make the gentlest cleanser possible. And the tricky bit- it had to feel great and work too.​​​​​​​​ When Harborist launched in 2017, the few...

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The misunderstanding of mild

Harborist was created to improve the experience of people with sensitive skin. Part of that poor experience is the difficulty in identifying which products are gentle enough. Claims like 'dermatologically...

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Pollution and your skin

Anti-pollution started becoming 'buzzy' in skincare a few years ago leading people (me included!) to question if it's just another marketing claim.If you've ever moved from a polluted city to...

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Skincare and allergies

With nutrition regularly stripped out of our food through industrial processing, we long for ingredients that resemble their natural state as closely as possible. It makes sense we want our...

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