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Mildness is magic

We believe genuinely gentle skincare is underestimated; that it does more than avoid irritation - it helps your skin to function.

It's the real 'magic' skincare ingredient.

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How gentle is gentle?

Everything you put on your skin sits somewhere on a mildness spectrum. Yet the ingredient list can't tell you where.

A moisturiser can be fragrance-free yet trigger irritation. It can be dermatologically tested and still not be the gentlest.

To benefit from gentle skincare it needs to actually be gentle. So how do you choose?

We're using a new ultra-sensitive testing technology so you know what you're putting on your skin is really, truly gentle.

Starting with our cleanser, a simple graphic will show the mildness score, so you know you're doingthe right thing for your skin.

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Real transformation

Get the Gloss follows 57 year old Louise as she ditches her usual skincare for an expert edit by skincare consultation service Renude - which includes our Balm-Gel Cleanser. The results are incredible.

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Feel good ingredients

Made from 100% renewable and biotechnology derived ingredients

Made in the British countryside

Our manufacturing partner holds third party certification of the ISO 22716 and ISO 9001 standards

Next level gentle

Gentle, low allergy and barrier friendly, for maximum compatibility.

It feels so luxurious on my skin and has helped me revel in the simple joy of gently washing my face.

Rachel Harborist customer

It feels soothing and as though my skin has a chance to repair itself.

V. Harborist customer

Changed my skin for the better - my skin is far less reactive, much softer, less reddened and I have experienced far fewer breakouts.

Hannah Harborist customer

5% of net sales to conservation

We're proud to support the World land Trust on their mission to protect the world's most biologically important habitats, acre by acre.

Visit the WLT

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Your microbiome and skincare

Your skin has 1 billion microorganisms per square centimetre. No two people’s microbiomes are the same, and yours will vary throughout your life, influenced by multiple factors including the environment, age, hormones, and...

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Our Balm-Gel cleanser is 5 years old!

​​​I started with one mission, to make the gentlest cleanser possible. And the tricky bit- it had to feel great and work too.​​​​​​​​ When Harborist launched in 2017, the few...

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How are your skincare ingredients made?

From plant, to lab, to bottle - does it matter how your skincare ingredients are made? You may have heard claims that natural extracts are more skin compatible, or lab-made ingredients...

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The misunderstanding of mild

Harborist was created to improve the experience of people with sensitive skin. Part of that poor experience is the difficulty in identifying which products are gentle enough. Claims like 'dermatologically...

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Pollution and your skin

Anti-pollution started becoming 'buzzy' in skincare a few years ago leading people (me included!) to question if it's just another marketing claim.If you've ever moved from a polluted city to...

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