Natural skincare and allergies

With nutrition regularly stripped out of our food through industrial processing, we long for ingredients that resemble their natural state as closely as possible. It makes sense we want our skincare ingredients to do the same thing; to be the rawest, the least refined, to represent the whole plant.

Though this is fine for many, people with allergies have specific needs. An unrefined plant oil or a water-based plant extract is more likely to contain the pollen and protein residues responsible for triggering allergic reactions.

A current theory suggests food allergies in children and babies initially develop through skin contact. According to Allergy UK, research shows that a breakdown of the skin barrier can lead to exposure of allergens via the skin, and this may result in sensitisation and development of allergy.
So, even if something sounds good enough to eat, it doesn’t mean it belongs on your skin. We've recently seen a line of very natural goats milk lotions aimed at children with eczema-prone skin. This may be fine most of the time, but with dairy as a common childhood allergen, could end up causing more problems than it would fix.

Though the risk is very small, if formulating specifically for allergy-prone skin, it makes sense to reduce potential allergens as much as possible. This is why in our formulas we select oils from plants with the lowest history of allergy and reduce the exposure to plant pollen and proteins generally. 

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