Manufacturing & production

Our products are formulated and manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards to ensure a clean, high quality product.

While our production runs are small at 500 -1500 units, we have consciously sought to employ the most up-to-date production practices

We work with independent cosmetic scientists and labs during the formulation phase. In line with EU regulations, finished formulas then undergo stability and preservative challenge testing as applicable, before being evaluated by a toxicologist. These processes are carried out in external labs.

During the manufacturing phase we work with an experienced, independent manufacturer based in the British countryside who hold the following quality certifications:

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) ISO 22716

ISO 9001 - quality management

Our preferred manufacturer also holds Soil Association certification. All these certifications ensure high standards in terms of hygiene, process and traceability.  In line with GMP, all batches are micro tested after production and released only once results come back clear, ensuring you receive a clean, safe product