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Should you double cleanse with sensitive skin?

Do you need to double cleanse, or is once enough?

Your genes, the products you’re trying to remove and even the pH of your water can change the effect of a cleanser on your skin. What may be too little for one person could be too much for another, and vice versa.

Washing your face too frequently adds to the risk of disturbing your skin barrier. A gentle cleanser will minimise this; even so, your aim is to cleanse as little as possible yet as much as needed to keep congestion at bay.

Here's some guidelines to get you started:
In the morning you're not removing SPF or makeup, so you can go gentler here. The main aim is to refresh your skin, removing any sweat, debris and residual product, without disturbing your barrier.

  • Some people find they get better results by not using a cleanser at all in the morning; splash you face with water instead.
  • If you do use a cleanser, make sure it's really gentle.
  • An alternative, if you're using a cleanser which mixes with water, is to use less product and more water. This works well with our Balm-Gel cleanser - the lighter texture is enough for a quick refresh.


Generally this will be more thorough than in the morning, particularly if you're wearing SPF (which you should always be!) or makeup.
  • If you do double cleanse, make sure both cleansers are super-mild. Your cleansing routine is only as gentle as your least gentle cleanser.
  • Though you may have heard that you should use an oil based cleanser followed by a water based one, all types of cleanser should be able to remove both oil and water based substances from your skin, because they all contain cleansing agents. Oil based cleansers may in some cases be able to do this more efficiently but it all depends on the formula. So go with what works for you.
  • If your skin has become extra sensitive and you are double cleansing in the evening, try cutting down to a single cleanse and see what happens. 


The rule for cleansing sensitive skin is as little as possible and as much as necessary.

And the only way you can figure this out this is by looking at how your skin responds.
If you take care to protect your skin barrier, you don’t have the uphill battle of trying to ‘fix’ it afterwards. That can mean happier skin with fewer products. 
Then you can spend your hard earned cash on some good food instead (or is that just me?).


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