who we are

British made, Hertfordshire based; we develop naturally derived skincare, tailor-made for sensitive skin. 

Harborist was created by Kate, previously known for her work as a VFX artist on Hollywood blockbusters and some British ones too.
An increasing family tendency towards reactive skin sparked an idea to create skin care which would be more intentionally engineered for sensitive and allergy-prone skin than many green brands, yet include a more inspiring ingredients list than the utilitarian options commonly recommended. 
To put the idea into action, we've been lucky to enough work with a scientist who would challenge assumptions - our own included - and ensure our philosophy is built upon high scientific standards. 
Amanda Foxon-Hill resides in the Australian Blue Mountains, where she bases her consultancy and lab, Realize Beauty. A cosmetic scientist of 20 years, she also educates others with an inspiring passion for scientific discovery and the natural world. Crucially, her personal experience of highly reactive skin has enabled us to benefit from key insights into the relationship between ingredient and skin.
Harborist's first and current product, a cleansing balm, launched in 2017, under the brand name Harbour Elements. Not long after it was featured in the Times and Marie Claire, as well as being awarded a place in Psychologies magazine's Real Natural Edit - a round-up of the best natural products on the planet, as chosen by a panel of 22 industry insiders.
2018 saw a branding update, and with new products currently mid-development in the Realize Beauty lab, we hope to be offering you more choices for your sensitive skin later in the year.