Balm-Gel cleanser print defects

We're very sorry if you've bought our cleanser and have found that the print isn't staying in place as you would hope! It's very disappointing. 

Though there has been only three reports of this since changing the packaging,  I now suspect it's happening across more of the stock. We worked with an alternative supplier for the Moisture Restore Rich packaging, which is perfect, so we'll sourcing our cleanser packaging from them in the future too. The added bonus is that the new packaging will be light-weighted, with a reduced CO2 emission during production, and no metal spring, so will be better for the environment too.  

In the mean time, we are offering a £5 discount on our current stock and will be contacting our customers to make them aware of the issue. Unfortunately it takes a while to change packaging so the solution isn't as quick as we'd hope. Thank you for your patience, we hope to offer you a lovely, perfect cleanser as soon as we can!